1. Rangariari Kagurabadza says

    its amazing to hear how reflexology works. the feet are the most neglected part or the human body yet they have more nerve ending that play an important role in helping energizing, healing and balancving the body.

    • Lauren Slade says

      Yes feet are neglected by many – but they are the friend of the Reflexologist, who knows how to work them to get the body back into balance and health! The amazing thing is that it is so simple – I taught my 3 year old granddaughter and she practices on her baby brother :)

  2. says

    Hi, A very interesting piece from Lauren Slade. Phantom limb pain has no logical explanation in science, and as yet neither does reflexology, although there are a number of theories about possible mechanisms of action. It is also possible that placebo effects were at work here, as was the acknowledgement /acceptance of the loss of the boy’s limb in an emotional healing sense.
    Lauren talks about ‘ the energetic foot’, and I am intrigued by this reaction, which I have seen a number of times. personally I think it has to do with an electro-magnetic fields, which can be measured via technological instrumentation. It would be interesting to conduct some research into the effects of reflexology on this field, whether a limb was present or not.

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