Special Needs Child Responds to Reflexology

Autism+reflexologyReflexology as an unconventional way to deal with autism.

Joann’s Beauty Salon in Perryville doesn’t just cater to styling beehives and bouffants — it also caters to those who may need a little extra TLC, particularly for one little boy.

Aiden Sauer, 9, who lives in Farmington with his mom and brothers, but visits his dad in Perryville, has been going to Joann’s for a little more than a month now to receive reflexology treatments. Aiden suffers from autism, and in the last month, his parents have seen a night-and-day difference in his personality and attitude because of the massage therapy.

“It’s done wonders for him,” said Aiden’s father Pat.Read Full Article…

Nine Simple Networking Tips

Nine Simple Networking TipsYou know that you should be networking with various groups and events. It’s a great way to connect with people and promote your business. But the fear of walking into a room of strangers is horrifying, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how social you are, it’s never a comfortable situation at first. Let’s look at a few strategies for managing your fear and making you a hit.

Put yourself in their shoes

Believe it or not, no matter how confident and cool everyone looks, they all have the same fears and insecurities as you. Now put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t it be great if someone like yourself came over, broke the ice and started the ball rolling? That’s what they are hoping you’ll do. Help set their mind at ease. Take the initiative. Introduce yourself. They’ll love you for it and won’t forget it.Read Full Article…

The Gift of Relaxation for that ‘Someone Special’

Brazilian Toe MassageDiscover the secrets behind giving a calming, relaxing, stress reducing, energy balancing technique from the comfort of your own home…even if you have never given anyone a massage before. Share Brazilian Toe Massage with your ‘someone special’ and celebrate Valentines Day in style!  

When I use this technique, people say things like, “I feel more relaxed than I have ever felt in my whole life.” They talk about feeling as if they had been to a spa for the weekend or spent a week on vacation at the beach.Read Full Article…

Want a Fun & Free Way to Create Your Online Image?

One of the things that can really kill your business, is not having a photo of yourself online. So many times I see people on Facebook or elsewhere without a picture of themselves.


As silly as this may sound, it’s very important to have an image of yourself on the web especially if you are doing business online.

Whether you are aware of it or not, others are seeing your “mystery person” image and associate you with that image.  If you do not have a Photo of yourself, people might even be seeing a different avatar associated with you instead.

You don’t want to be a Mystery Person, do you? Here are the downsides I see with this:Read Full Article…

Reflexology and Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Reflexology are very similar.  They both use a collection of procedures which involves the stimulation of points on the body using a variety of techniques. It is among the oldest healing practices in the world.

Acupuncture uses needles and Reflexology uses finger and thumb pressure. Reflexology and acupuncture both use the energy circuits in the body. Read Full Article…

32 Suggestions for Places to Offer Reflexology

Where do you practice Reflexology?Where do you practice Reflexology?  Are you limiting yourself to just home or the office?  Reflexology is so accessible, and so the markets or groups of people that you can work with are almost limitless. Reflexology is portable and accessible, so the markets or groups of people that you can work with are almost limitless.

Reflexology has been done in corporations, hotels, bars, trains, prisons, and health clubs just to name a few environments. It has been done on taxi drivers, executives, construction workers, seniors and the beach goers.

I’ve made a list of places where you can do Reflexology. Take the time to go through the list of environments to stimulate and expand your thinking about what is possible. Feel free to add to the list. Add the places or groups that you would most enjoy. Don’t limit yourself!Read Full Article…

Reflexology for a stress-free Holiday Season

Happy Xmas from the Universal College of ReflexologyChristmas is a time when we all want to feel good and look great. It is traditionally a season of joy, of family reunions, roast turkey and Christmas pud, of generosity and openness. Unfortunately it can also be a stressful time with too many expectations, too much pressure and perhaps, for a few, a time of loneliness, regret or depression.

Whether we are looking forward with excitement to the shopping and preparations or with dread to the extra work, Christmas is a festival which makes great demands on our energy. Routines and digestions are thrown out of kilter and stresses can build up on all levels. Stress, as we are frequently reminded, can lead to all manner of ills, to exhaustion, depletion and finally to disease. It can reduce our ability to cope, undermine our confidence and destroy our sense of well being.

This being the case, how can we be sure that we will feel good, cope well and look our best all over the Christmas and the New Year holiday season?

Have you thought of reflexology?

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Top 10 Reasons To Have Reflexology

10 Reasons to Have a Reflexology Session1. You are really stressed – taking time to take care of yourself is a step in the right direction
2. You stand on your feet all day – your whole body may be tired not just your feet – reflexology treats the whole body
3. You are a runner – this is a great exercise but can leave you with achy tired feet
4. You have diabetes – if you are a diabetic your feet may lose their sensation – regular reflexology can increase their comfort
5. You are pregnant – who doesn’t want to be pampered – comfort is the key – regular sessions can relieve swollen feet and an achy back
6. You have digestive issues – good elimination is the backbone of good health – reflexology gently balances the systems
7. You have cold feet – reflexology can offer a kick start helping with blood flow and will help warm up the feet
8. You have insomnia – reflexology is relaxing and helps let your active mind take a break
9. Nothing else has worked for you – reflexology helps the body to reach a state of homeostasis and encourages the body to heal – many symptoms can be alleviated by making reflexology a part of your regular wellness routine.
10. You are cleaning up your diet – reflexology will gently help the transition from an “unhealthy to healthy state” as you slowly eliminate toxins from the body.

Reflexology in Canada

Reflexology in CanadaThe Universal College of Reflexology is a Canadian institute teaching to students in Canada and around the world.  This post relates to questions asked by prospective Canadian students about licensing.

The Canadian government is specific on this issue. Very few therapies in Canada are licensed. This is where Reflexology currently sits, as an unregulated or unlicensed health modality.

So, what training do Canadian Reflexologists across the country receive? Without federal or provincial regulations, there are no national training standards in Canada. The range of training in Canada varies tremendously. Some certified Reflexologists are, in fact, very well trained through internationally recognized and legitimate institutions such as the Universal College of Reflexology. On the other end of the scale, Read Full Article…

Reflexology is Recession Proof

Despite the global economic downturn, Reflexology proves to be recession-proof. As stress levels are spiralling upwards, the need for stress relief has never been greater.

If you are lucky enough to already be a Reflexologist, now is the time to get out there and make yourself well known in your community.

If you want to become a Reflexologist then start training now. Your future services are needed!

Here is a selection of important reports in the news.Read Full Article…

Why are Reflexology Charts Different?

One of the most common questions we are asked is why are there so many different Reflexology charts, and which one is the correct one. Most charts are based on reiteration or a mirror image of the body. Zones are used to divide the body into ten segments. A grid like system corresponds each and every body part onto the feet and hands.Read Full Article…