Top 10 Reasons To Have Reflexology

10 Reasons to Have a Reflexology Session1. You are really stressed – taking time to take care of yourself is a step in the right direction
2. You stand on your feet all day – your whole body may be tired not just your feet – reflexology treats the whole body
3. You are a runner – this is a great exercise but can leave you with achy tired feet
4. You have diabetes – if you are a diabetic your feet may lose their sensation – regular reflexology can increase their comfort
5. You are pregnant – who doesn’t want to be pampered – comfort is the key – regular sessions can relieve swollen feet and an achy back
6. You have digestive issues – good elimination is the backbone of good health – reflexology gently balances the systems
7. You have cold feet – reflexology can offer a kick start helping with blood flow and will help warm up the feet
8. You have insomnia – reflexology is relaxing and helps let your active mind take a break
9. Nothing else has worked for you – reflexology helps the body to reach a state of homeostasis and encourages the body to heal – many symptoms can be alleviated by making reflexology a part of your regular wellness routine.
10. You are cleaning up your diet – reflexology will gently help the transition from an “unhealthy to healthy state” as you slowly eliminate toxins from the body.

Reflexology in Canada

Reflexology in CanadaThe Universal College of Reflexology is a Canadian institute teaching to students in Canada and around the world.  This post relates to questions asked by prospective Canadian students about licensing.

The Canadian government is specific on this issue. Very few therapies in Canada are licensed. This is where Reflexology currently sits, as an unregulated or unlicensed health modality.

So, what training do Canadian Reflexologists across the country receive? Without federal or provincial regulations, there are no national training standards in Canada. The range of training in Canada varies tremendously. Some certified Reflexologists are, in fact, very well trained through internationally recognized and legitimate institutions such as the Universal College of Reflexology. On the other end of the scale, Read Full Article…

Reflexology is Recession Proof

Despite the global economic downturn, Reflexology proves to be recession-proof. As stress levels are spiralling upwards, the need for stress relief has never been greater.

If you are lucky enough to already be a Reflexologist, now is the time to get out there and make yourself well known in your community.

If you want to become a Reflexologist then start training now. Your future services are needed!

Here is a selection of important reports in the news.Read Full Article…

Why are Reflexology Charts Different?

One of the most common questions we are asked is why are there so many different Reflexology charts, and which one is the correct one. Most charts are based on reiteration or a mirror image of the body. Zones are used to divide the body into ten segments. A grid like system corresponds each and every body part onto the feet and hands.Read Full Article…

Self-care for Reflexologists

Self-Help for ReflexologistsTo be a successful, professional Reflexologists takes time, care and attention. This self-care starts first with the Reflexologist. Only when you are fresh and balanced can you offer effective Reflexology treatments. Here are some tips and advice that we hope you will find useful.

Self-care begins with the correct choice of:

Thumb walking seems to be the most used stroke and if done incorrectly can easily lead to joint problems including the ‘wear and tear’ arthritis or to repetitive strain injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is another risk associated with bodywork as is trigger finger.

Ways to avoid these problems are to learn Read Full Article…

The Differences Between Reflexology and Massage

Some people confuse Reflexology with massage, but they are two different modalities–each with its own strengths. Both, like many other therapies, such as chiropractics, osteopathy, and other somatic practices, involve the use of the hands to apply their techniques. The aim with both Reflexology and massage is to enhance the well being of the client.Read Full Article…

How did today’s “Health System” evolve?

How did today’s “Health System” evolve?

To find the answer let us look at how two very important scientists observed the world they lived in – Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Quite simply put, the Newtonian world sees people as sophisticated biological machines. The Einsteinian viewpoint goes beyond the limited Newtonian clockwork universe to comprehend human beings from the perspective of inter-penetrating, inter-active energy fields.

There is a growing mountain of evidence to support the new Einsteinian way of thinking. Quantum physics and experiments in high-energy particle physics have shown us that, at the particle level, all matter is really energy.

If humans are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy. Orthodox medicine has started to use energy methods of treatment. Therapeutic radiation to treat cancer, electricity to stop pain (TENS machines) and electromagnetic fields are being used to stimulate the healing of broken bones.Read Full Article…

Strengthening Your Hands – Exercises for Reflexologists

Exercises for the Fingers, Hands and Wrists

Here are some great finger, hand and wrist exercises for flexibility, strength and preventative care that you can do anywhere. Remember only to work within
your tolerance level, and be gentle.

Exercise #1

Palms and fingers facing the ceiling. Separate and straighten your fingers.   Hold for 5 – 10 seconds. Bend your fingers at the knuckles. Hold for 5 – 10 seconds. Make a fist. Hold for 5 – 10 seconds. Straighten your fingers. Repeat  3 – 5 times.Read Full Article…

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Want to know if you are an entrepreneur? Here is a great article in Entrepreneur magazine written by Grant Cardone.

Cardone has studied entrepreneurs for decades in order to understand what contributes to their success, and he says it’s not what society typically considers assets. If you hang around with entrepreneurs long enough, you know that isn’t news!

Most articles about entrepreneurs say the attributes they possess are a strong work ethic, persistence, persuasiveness and discipline.

Cardone says the attributes of the entrepreneur might be ones that many people think of as a liability. He’s got 12 of them. Here they are.

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Reflexology – an Evolving Science

Reflexology – An Evolving Science

How Reflexology EvolvedThe science and artful application of Reflexology is moving forward and ever changing. There are a host of Reflexologists all over the world with many, many years of experience finding new and exciting ways of working with the reflexes of the body.

Eunice Ingham who lived from 1889 – 1974, and who has often been referred to as the “Mother of Reflexology”, did wonderful pioneering work in bringing Reflexology back into popularity as a healing modality. Her motivation as she says in her book “Stories the Feet Can Tell through Reflexology” (first published in1938) was that her work may prove to be another stepping stone to greater heights along this new but effective way of helping those who seek for better health and efficiency.

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