Who Else Wants to Learn Reflexology?

Imagine a Brand New Life in a Matter of Weeks!

Reflexology is powerful, yet incredibly simple to learn.Future Reflexologist?

  • Imagine being able to relieve the pain and suffering of your loved ones. Or yourself.  Or the members of your community – and in practically no time at all.
  • Just think about being your own boss.
  • Imagine earning $75+ per hour or more.
  • Imagine waking up every day, eager to do the work you really love!

Five Steps to Professional Foot Reflexology Practitioner Certification:

Step 1. Decide you want to join a Billion Dollar Wellness Industry, and make a difference in the world – by becoming a Natural Health Care Practitioner.
Step 2. Register for the Universal College of Reflexology’s state of the art 21st Century On-Line eLearning program – now adopted by 73 % of colleges/universities worldwide.
Step 3. Complete theory component – 11 lessons in your own time at your own pace
Step 4. Complete on-line open book quizzes and final exams
Step 5. Complete independent case studies

Why choose Universal College of Reflexology?

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Myth or Fact?  Reflexology is a Hands-on Therapy that Requires “In-Class” Training?

MYTH! Over 25 years experience as Reflexology Educators, Coaches and Mentors has taught us here at the Universal College of Reflexology that Reflexology is actually one of the most difficult modalities to teach in a classroom one-on-one setting!  

Why is it so Challenging to learn Reflexology in a Classroom?

Sleeping or Learning? Reflexology students – sleeping or learning?

There are Reflexology points in both the hands and the feet. So whether giving or receiving Reflexology the student’s body is continually craving sleep, rest, relaxation and healing mode and fighting the alertness, learning state and memory retention required to learn in a traditional classroom environment. This makes it almost impossible to remember all the technical details, hand positions and Reflexology sequence! Add to this the time pressure of having to learn all this in just a few short days of intensive training.

Advances in Technology

With advances in technology have come the freedom to move not just people to ideas, but increasingly ideas to people; and with that freedom comes great potential to increase the knowledge base of every person and therefore health of every person in the world.

Internet changing how we learn

On-Line Education Facts

More than 6.7 million students—32 percent of total higher education enrollment—took at least one online course through a university during fall 2011, up from roughly 6.1 million students the year prior.

Schools appear to be responding to that demand, with 62.4 percent of the colleges surveyed in 2012 offering fully online degree programs, compared with just 32.5 percent in 2002.

The Solution – On-Line Audio-Visual Learning

Six years of pioneering on-line Reflexology Education, combined with the success of 100’s of students has clearly demonstrated the overwhelming benefits of learning on-line. The ability to watch and re-watch professional Reflexology videos over and over – filmed from all angles – clearly builds a confidence and clarity in students – with both Reflexology techniques and session sequencing – that gives better client results.

Other Benefits of On-Line Learning

  • You can work at your own pace. With schedules these days so taxing, an on-line course is ideal. You can work around your own schedule. If you have a job and/or a family to take care of, you can arrange your class work around those demands.
  • The sessions are recorded on video. You can watch and re-watch the video clips as often as you want to remind/review information and you can rewind if something doesn’t quite make sense.
  • You don’t have to travel! Studying on campus means traveling to the actual school. With an on-line course, you don’t need to commute. This is an amazing opportunity for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to study.
  • With on-line courses, we can use advanced technologies to deliver the training. Multi-media content (videos, MP3, Teleseminars) has proven to be very powerful. We can absorb much more information that way. If you don’t understand a point, it is very easy to go back and watch again. The exams are interactive, which they aren’t in a campus setting.
  • Your courses are available 24 hours a day! The only reason you could possibly miss a lesson is if you don’t go on-line!
  • You actually get more individual attention. Because you have access to your instructor via email and other avenues, you have individual attention that you couldn’t possibly get from a campus setting. This rich interaction fosters deeper learning!
  • And you can learn in your pajamas!

Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that students who took on-line courses actually OUTPERFORMED students who took the same course in a classroom with face-to-face instruction. What a revelation!

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes! In fact – we have two levels of certification available. One for completing the open book quizzes and if you choose you can also earn a second gold embossed Universal College of Reflexology certificate which is awarded upon successful completion of the final practical and theory exams.

.How Long Does it Take to Complete the Program?

As an on-line home study program, you can study at your own pace. Some students complete the program in just a few months, others take longer – it just depends how much time you have available to study – you choose – there are no time pressures.  All students are given an initial six months to complete the program, but if you need more time, simply ask for it.

What is included with the Foot Reflexology Program?

Personal access to a closed membership website with your own special student account that contains everything that you need to become a fully qualified, confident, certified Professional Foot Reflexologist.  You will receive everything you would in a traditional classroom plus so much more.

Who can Study Foot Reflexology?

Everybody! There are no prerequisites. We have successful certified students from 18 to almost 80. Some choose to study Foot Reflexology because they want a career change. Some people study Reflexology because they have heard some of the marvelous stories about people helped with Reflexology. Others learn Reflexology because they want to make a difference to the community they live in.

Below is a partial list of professions that Universal College of Reflexology graduates have come from...

UCR Graduates Profession List


.How Do I Get Started?

You can start your Reflexology Career today!

Simply call Jack Marriott on 1-866-944-2576 or email jack at iReflexology dot com or click here to send a message.